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My skin looks amazing after my first visit and I cant wait to see my full result and to go back for more ! Im currently doing microneedling with Pro yellow laser. The atmosphere is beautiful and the staff is sweet and welcoming, I definitely felt taken care of even with my after care. this is my new go to for all things skin care.

Ildikó Czégeni | Oct 05, 2022


I just got home from my first time at this spa and I am so happy that I had to write a review right away. My experience was amazing right from the moment I was walked in the door the vibe was very warm and welcoming. I was greeted by Maro who I absolutely love her genuine kindness and caring. She listened to me and wanted to make sure they understood exactly what my goals were,  Ani was the nurse who did my lips and face with various fillers. She is amazing and im so happy i got her for my very first time there . She is a true artist!! She put filler in my upper cheeks which totally accentuated my natural high cheek bones! Everything she did is very natural. She is also the sweetest and nicest person. I love you guys at Plaza Medi you made me feel like princess for a day! I will be coming back for sure!!

Juliel C. | Sep 24, 2022


I really loved profound with the thread lift. It’s amazing how they can reboot your glow in such a real and changing way. I was new to the medical spa world but I am so happy I started with the best. I will remain loyal always has the treatments are very effective and long lasting. The Voluma is a great way to start with Nurse Doreen. This beautiful hotel is a piece of art and you can tell they really love what they do here.

Thomas K. | Sep 24, 2022


Great experience. Pleasant staff and polite and skilled doctor.

Vikrant | Sep 20, 2022


Boba Andric | Sep 15, 2022


I love Tamara, she is knowledgeable and kind. She does amazing work.

Ally McGillicuddy | Sep 14, 2022


My beauty retreat!!! I have been coming here for years. This place was first recommended to me by my beloved friend who’s in her 80’s and knows the best of the best in the industry and I have met some of my friends in the lobby that didn’t tell me there little secret. Y’all tell a friend! I go here for multiple services but my favorite is lips with Charlene Sales. IYKYK. No one does it like her. She also does my botox and I suffer with TMJ and she hits all the right spots so I don’t grind. Not even my neurologist does it as good as her. The front desk is always so accommodating and even though I bug them they are always kind and professional. The manager at this location knows customer service I had a billing discrepancy and not only did she make it right she made me a VERY happy customer. Get your beauty on!!!!

Linda Gavilan | Sep 14, 2022


I had Botox done at this beautiful facility yesterday by Tamara. she’s the most honest, caring and knowledgeable aesthetician that I’ve ever met. she stormy try to upswell me anything. answered my questions patiently. explained how she was going to do my injection and what amount in each area. The spa was impeccable and the front desk ladies Maryam and Ildikó were genuinely interested in helping and made my experience very enjoyable. I’m going back for Secret RF procedure. I really trust these people.

Rebecca H. | Sep 07, 2022


if it’s dr oz, it’s garbage

Dana Longino | Sep 06, 2022


First time here and can’t wait to come back!! Stacey at the front desk was the best and everyone I encountered made me feel so comfortable!! Thank you all for the wonderful experience!!

Laura W. | Sep 06, 2022


Ani at Beverly Hills Plaza Medi Spa is on another level. I have worked in publishing at a Beverly Hills magazine and had a multitude of experiences at different medical spas all around the United States. I have to say she is absolutely my favorite at applying my lips out of everyone I had experienced in the past 10 years. I am obsessed and I don’t see myself going anywhere else ever again. The facility is super clean and she puts the full syringe in about 20 different little needles so it doesn’t hurt as much. I have to say it has changed my life in a sense. My face looks so much more proportion to my eyes since I have a small mouth. THANK YOU ANI AND JEANIE FOR EVERYTHING

Bryn M. | Aug 30, 2022


Elaine, RN was the nurse who did my treatment. I had scheduled for MINT PDO threads. I didn’t get the same MINT PDO barbed threads I have had done previously where I really liked the result. This time different threads were used and I feel I still am needing lower face lift after the other threads have been placed. I absolutely love Elaine and feel she always does an excellent job. I just wish we could have discussed what threads she planned on doing and if it was different than previous treatment as well as what was scheduled ( the MINT PDO barbed threads were what were currently being promoted as thread treatment).

Melissa H. | Aug 16, 2022


Very professional and kind

Eva V. | Aug 06, 2022


Saw a special on ig and made an appt for two days later. Got there 5 minutes late. Waited for 30 minutes. During my wait they asked me how much my special was… which floored me. I believe it was the owner that asked if it was $500. I said I think it was 399 and the woman in scrubs was like oh so half a syringe?! Their price for half a syringe is $350 and I was there on a special. The owner/manager person said she would honor the 400 which is why I gave two stars and not one. So after this, at the 30 minute after my appointment time mark I asked how much longer and the third person who hasn’t been mentioned in this post said "not much longer" and I said ok so about how long? And she said "she’s just charting". Which tells me nothing. So I just had a really bad feeling about this appointment/place and left. I still am out the $50 deposit. Go to cosmetic injectables in Sherman oaks, they’re amazing!

Janelle D. | Aug 05, 2022


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