Profound Subq Cellulite reduction and
skin tightening

Medical Spa located in Los Angeles, CA

Permanent Fat Reduction services offered in Los Angeles, CA

Enjoy the most permanent fat reduction we have ever seen with a Profound Microneedle RF and a specialized subq handpiece created jsut for it. Results are the best since it pemanently reduces fat as effectively as liposuction and tightens the skin at the same time. Profound uses radio wave frequency injected with needles with precise biofeedback to get the most remarkable inch loss we have ever seen. We can confidently say Profound is the strongest device ever created and we have been doing this advanced procedure for eigtht years so evey client gets a great result with our advanced techniques. We are located in Bevely Hills Plaza Hotel And Spa in the Beverly Hills area of Los Angeles. Our highly skilled team with please you with never achieved before results.

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