Vanquish Treatment

Perfect for someone who wants to drop one pant size. The hottest new body sculpting technology permanently eliminate fat cells 1⁄2 inch to 1 inch per treatment.

Non contact radio waves target only the fat cells. This is comfortable process FDA approved for large and small body mass index. Includes stomach and love handles as the applicator is the largest in the industry.

Nano Body Lift

Lose 2 to 4 inches in one treatment. Harvard created Nano technology is scientifically proven to tone muscles, burn fat and lose inches. It does so by stimulating nerves, muscle memory and cells with your own bodies’ language.

It is proven to be like doing 400 sit ups at Olympian speed. Lose up to 9 inches and the get the results of working out with a trainer for 6 weeks in a series. Your body will be noticeably tighter and truly more fit.

Marie Claire Combination 

Our treatment combination of your choice of Vanquish or Exilis with the Nano Body Lift on the infra red bed produces a loss of 2 to 6 inches in one treatment. By eliminating both the destroyed adipose cells and the half destroyed fat cells. Our innovative technology combination invention was featured in Marie Claire magazine. The metabolism and energy levels are greatly boosted. Detox and wellness benefits as well.

Ultrasound Cavi Lipo

Ultrasound implodes fat cells. A very gentle body sculpture experience.

Exilis Body Contouring and Skin Tightening

Exilis Skin Tightening with microneedle stem cell resurfacing. Produces amazing results.



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